Owner’s Guide to Maximizing Success in Integrated Projects

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Owner’s Guide to Maximizing Success in Integrated Projects

In pursuit of a successful project completion, owners must make key project-delivery decisions about organizational structure, team selection, and contract payment terms. These decisions have been shown to affect the performance and overall success of a project. For this reason, owners want to understand the relationships among these decisions and how these decisions affect project-cost, -time, and -quality outcomes. To respond to a dearth of data to support these complex decisions, our study offers an empirical database that compares the performance of various project-delivery decisions for large projects. In collaboration with the University of Colorado and Pennsylvania State Universityand thanks to supportfrom the Charles Pankow Foundation (CPF) and the Construction Industry Institute (CII)we sent requests to more than 8500 project managers and built a database that includes data from more than 200 building projects from across the United States. We then apply various statistical methods to analyze the data and toprovide how-to guidance for setting up and participating in a successful project. This type of quantitative evidence will improve the impact and reliability of key project decisions.

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