Welcome to SARMAD Research Group website

We believe that as academics and researchers in civil engineering, our breakthrough discoveries facilitate fundamental changes that enhance society’s quality of life. Our research thrusts emphasize construction safety, risk management, and data-driven decision making to address the complex challenges confronting industry. By partnering with researchers in psychology, education, statistics, and computer science, SARMAD members produce high-quality outcomes that enable designers, contractors, and industry leaders to chart the best course of action using sound theoretical foundations.


Mission Statement

Members of SARMAD believe that optimal decisions in the construction industry emerge out of scientific evidence and empirical data. To realize such a paradigm shift, SARMAD:

  1. Promotes original, unbiased, and innovative research that addresses the global challenges in today’s construction industry
  2. Integrates multiple scientific Perspectives to unearth transformative and breakthrough discoveries
  3. Develops state-of-the-art decision-support systems, tools, and applications that enable agile and rapid industrial transformation

Vision Statement

SARMAD envisions a construction industry that is: safe for its workers; sustainable for the environment; ethical for our society; creates value for its customers; on time, on budget, and productive for its project managers; collaborative for its stakeholders; and profitable for its constructors. To achieve our vision, we strive to:

  • Lead research in construction safety to establish “zero accident” workplaces
  • Create large and reliable databases, and apply data-analysis techniques to enhance the decision-making processes and problem-solving skills of project stakeholders
  • Remove uncertainties in the construction industry and introduce innovative techniques to identify, assess, and manage risks
  • Embody innovation in research and set the standard for valid and reliable research projects

Motto: Set the standard in quality and innovation!

Research Focuses

Note: We always welcome new collaborations with other researchers!